Synthetic Urine Belt


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If you wanna create a realistic golden shower simulation, the Synthetic Urine Belt is just the thing you need! Designed by the manufactures of the WizClear, the Synthetic Urine Belt will let you store, transport, and deliver your synthetic urine comfortably and discreetly. Designed to be used over and over again with your favorite brand of fake pee, it comes at a fraction of the cost of most synthetic urine delivery devices on the market (it’s the lowest priced product of its kind!). If you need to keep your stash a secret, this is the perfect product for you!

The Synthetic Urine Belt has, essentially, the same design as the WizClear. However, it comes at a much lower price because it doesn’t come with any synthetic urine. But, this lets you choose to use whichever fake pee brand you love the most! We highly recommend using Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine - it’s the world’s most trusted and widely used fake urine!

The Synthetic Urine Belt is an empty, vinyl bag attached to a cotton elastic belt that can be worn comfortably around your waist or chest. A small tube extends from the bag to dispense the liquid. The tube comes complete with a silent push-button valve at the end to allow you to easily dispense your fake piss with just one hand. Similar products require the use of two hands and make a “click” sound when dispensing. This belt will give you a completely noise free experience! Keep in mind, though, that the valve is only silent when opening - not closing. So, after you’ve performed your urination simulation, just zip up and leave so you don’t ruin the mood!

The Synthetic Urine Belt comes with a medical grade syringe to help you load it up. Just measure out about 3 ounces of body temperature (94-100 degrees) synthetic urine into the syringe and load it into the end of the tube and drain as much liquid as possible into the piss pouch. The belt also comes with an “arming clip” to prevent accidental leakage. Make sure this clip is open before filling and close it after you’ve loaded up the bag. The Synthetic Urine Belt also comes with 1 sticky heat pack (but make sure to buy extras if you’re gonna deliver several golden showers). Attach the heat pack to the pouch and it’ll keep your urine at body temperature for 8 hours. Before you get to your destination, double check the attached temperature strip to ensure your sample is at body temperature, make sure the push-button valve is closed, and open the arming clip. You’re ready to flow! Pro tip: practice a few times with warm water so you don’t waste any synthetic urine.

The Synthetic Urine Belt is perfect for letting you store, transport, and dispense synthetic urine. If you wanna give the most realistic golden shower simulation, grab one today! But don’t forget to stock up on Quick Fix and Heat Packs so you can use it over and over again!

The Synthetic Urine Belt is not associated with Spectrum Labs.