How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

  1. Before you leave for your test, open up your package of Quick Fix urine, shake it well, remove the cap, and place it in the microwave for ten seconds.
  2. Using the temperature strip on the side, make sure your Quick Fix is between 94-100 degrees. If your Quick Fix is not between 94-100 degrees just place it back in the microwave for a few seconds to reach correct temperature.
  3. Place the cap back on your Quick Fix bottle and shake the bottle again. If you have over heated the Quick Fix, don't worry, just allow it to cool down to 94-100 degrees.
  4. Included with your Quick Fix is a rubber band and hand warmer. Open the hand warmer and attach it your Quick Fix bottle with the rubber band. This will help the Quick Fix maintain body temperature for up to six hours while it is on you.
  5. Before giving your urine sample, make sure that Quick Fix is between 94-100 degrees and pour the Quick Fix into the urine collection cup.

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