Frequently Asked Questions

What is synthetic urine? Synthetic urine is an artificial compound designed to be identical in chemical composition to human piss.

Can females use Quick Fix? Quick Fix is a unisex product and can be used by both male and females.

Is Quick Fix detectable in a urine test? Quick Fix is lab developed to have all the ingredients of natural urine, so a standard urine test can't tell the difference between quick fix and real urine.

What is the shelf live on Quick Fix Urine? Quick Fix Urine has shelf life of two years.

My temperature strip will not read after microwaving, what do I do? Your overheated your bottle, just allow the Quick Fix Urine to cool until the green line reads on the temperature strip.

I didn't have to use my Quick Fix. Can I reheat it later? You can reheat your Quick Fix multiple times and it will not hurt your synthetic urine. If you need a new hand warmer you can purchase one from us.

Does synthetic urine fail for lack of foam or smell? Urine Testing Labs CAN NOT LEGALLY reject a urine sample because of lack of foam or odor.

Can I add anything to the Quick Fix? No! Quick Fix is ready to use and requires nothing to be added. You will contaminate the product if you add anything.

What does balanced for pH mean? Balanced for pH means the acidity level, the acidic level measures from 0 to 14. For example, Water has a pH level of 7 and milk has a pH level of around 6. By having a balanced pH, you will have a healthy synthetic urine sample.

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