About Quick Fix

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is laboratory created pre-mixed toxin free bottle of synthetic urine balanced for pH, specific gravity, and creatinine. The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is formulated to pass urine test such as lab test, instant screenings, EMIT tests, 12 panel, 10 panel, 9 panel, 5 panel and more. With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine you're guaranteed not to fail.

Quick Fix Urine Plus with 3 ounces of synthetic urine is for those that need more urine for their urine test. The Plus version is popular for people who are unsure if they need more then 2 ounces or if they know they will be taking a Split Specimen Urine Tests which will require the urine that is collected to be split between two cups. If you’re unsure how much urine they will want you to put into that cup, we recommend you purchase Quick Fix Plus Urine to be safe.

When you purchase Quick Fix Synthetic Urine it will come with the following:

  • 1 Bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
  • 1 Hand Warmer
  • 1 Flip Top Cap
  • 1 Rubber Band
  • 1 Product Directions

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