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If you need a safe place to store your stash, the Stash Undies have got you covered! With their discreetly hidden front pocket, you’ll be able to keep your belongings concealed safely and securely. The Stash Undies were designed to allow you to discreetly transport your bottle of synthetic urine to its drop off location, but feel free to get as creative as you’d like! They’re perfect for storing any personal belongings you may have - whether you’re traveling the world or just hitting up a music festival. Pick up a pair for yourself and you’ll be sure to see how versatile these underwear really are!

Designed to perfectly fit a bottle of Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine, the Stash Undies come with a dedicated front pocket to let you quickly whip out your fake pee from a realistic location. And, since the main purpose of the Stash Undies is to help you up your stealth game, they don’t have any branding or logos to make sure your synthetic secret will stay on the down low.

The Stash Undies are built to last! Made from high quality, black fabric, these stealth underwear come in three sizes (medium: 32-34, large: 36-38, and extra large: 40-42) to fit most individuals. To use, just wear them like you would wear your normal underwear, fill up the stash pocket with whatever you’d like to keep safe and concealed, and then wear your normal clothes over top! To keep ‘em clean, you just wash them just like you would your normal underwear (machine wash cold, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, hang to dry or tumble dry on low).

Although designed to store and transport a bottle of premixed synthetic urine, the Stash Undies are also extremely useful when you’re traveling the world or going to events with large crowds. The discreet front pocket is great for storing your wallet, passport, keys, condoms, chapstick, gum, or just about anything else you could think to store down there! If you’re hitting up festivals on the regular, or just need to smuggle some booze to your company Christmas party, these underwear are a must have!

Whether you’re discreetly transporting a bottle of synthetic urine to its drop off location, seeing the sites as you backpack through Europe, or heading to a weekend long music festival, the Stash Undies are sure to be a life saver. If you’ve got a stash, your Stash Undies will keep it safe and secure. The possibilities are endless so grab a pair (or two) today and start stashing!

If wearing stealthy underwear doesn’t really seem like your thing, check out The Stash Leg Strap - it’s a neoprene belt with a built-in pocket you can wear around your thigh. It’ll do the trick just as well!

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